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About Us

W.E.V ARRIVED is a monthly Jewelry Box subscription.

Each month, our fabulous Subscribers will receive a beauteous mystery box filled with the latest must-have accessories.

Examples of items that you can expect to receive in your boxes are, of course , the tradition jewelry selects such as the latest earrings, necklace, and rings, However, in order to keep our boxes electrifying, subscribers can also look forward to gorgeous pendants, cutesy lace items, sunglasses, to fashions scarfs, phone accessories and much more.

We are striving to ensure that we are providing our subscribers essential elements to spice up any wardrobe.

Our boxes will consist of conversational jewelry pieces, that are daring and eye-popping.

Please join us on our journey, of bring alluring jewelry pieces to your door steps.

In addition to our monthly subscription, we also offer a variety of ala-carte fashion accessories to accentuate every wardrobe style, at our Online Boutique.